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All About Us

The Nutmeg Nostalgia Journey!

Originally, Nutmeg Nostalgia began in late 2015 in Brooklyn, N.Y., as a positive coping mechanism for it's Founding Owner, Raquel Niles. Ms. Niles cooked during her college years. Friends, family, and loved ones always told her that her food was worth charging for. She then experienced a deep depression and turned to cooking food and making party treats as a positive coping mechanism. Nutmeg Nostalgia was officially legally established in 2019 in Syracuse, NY. While developing business, Ms. Niles began a natural holistic journey. She then wanted to start helping more women, men, and children like herself to live happy, healthy, productive, and thriving lives. Throughout the past few years, the Nutmeg Nostalgia team has grown and business collaborations were formed to meet the needs of the clientele that we serve.

     We at Nutmeg Nostalgia know that there is a strong connection to the foods we eat, and the thoughts or feelings that we have. We believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health. Eating a nutritious diet or living a more nutritious lifestyle helps you to keep a healthy body weight, healthy heart, and healthy mind. Eating well helps you to reduce your risk of having any physical health issues. Health is a state of well being (physical, mental, and social), putting a focus on wellness only enhances your well being. Our ideals on wellness inform and guide our core teachings, treatment advice, services, and practices at Nutmeg Nostalgia, as we focus on helping clients improve their level of health and potentially fitness. We offer a variety of services to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds. Explore our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your wellness needs.

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