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Empress Nutmeg's Veggie Chow Mein Recipe

Empress Nutmeg's Veggie Chow Mein Recipe

A Chef Nutmeg Specialty! This is actually a dish I grew up eating at damn near every BBQ or family gathering. If you came to a "Bain" family BBQ on 94th street in Brooklyn, NY, you have definitely had our chow mein. My aunty taught me how she made hers and the rest was HISTORY. I have had fun modifying this throughout the years. I hope your family, friends, and loved ones love it the SAME WAY mine do. Cause when anyone knows I'm in town this is typically what I am asked to make! -Chef Nutmeg


In the notes section will be instructions for the General Tso's sauce and other special instructions. As you will see, meat & seafood can be added! Definitely reach out to let us know what you think!

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